3 Solutions For All Your Pool Deck Repairs, Resurfacing, and Remodeling Needs

September 24, 2016

Want to Refurbish your Swimming Pool Deck Area? Here is the Ultimate Guide!

Summers are approaching and if you are thinking to frolic in the swimming pool with your family and friends, there is no better way than this.

But ugly looks and uncomfortable deck space can spoil the whole enjoyment. After all, surrounding area does influence the overall appeal, no matter how exquisite the pool is.

So, if you are residing in West Palm Beach and want to refurbish your swimming pool area, you need to take a lot of things into consideration.

Before getting started with the guide, first of all, you need to look for a professional in the industry. Going with the results of internet marketing method called SEO in West Palm Beach, you can easily find popular companies dealing with pool deck repair services.

Once you have got the list of professionals, you need to choose the perfect one. Hiring a professional provides great benefits; after all, they have the expertise in doing the job.

To provide you a clear idea of the deck repair services here is an in-depth guide provided by the experts ensuring the best pool deck repairs


Signs of Pool Deck Repairing

There are many signs that call for the need of pool deck repairing. Here is the list of few –

Excessive Slope

Though initially the pool decks are fermented with a small amount of slope, yet if there come a feel of walking downhill, this is the sign of pool deck settling causing excessive slope.

Trip Hazards

With time, when space starts developing in between the joints of the slabs, there come the risk of a slip, trip and fall thus causing hazardous injuries to an individual.


This is another common problem on pool deck space. Though cracks can be settled with a concrete, yet there might be a need to change the whole deck structure if the cracks are large.

After the inspection of the pool deck area, the experts then head towards the repairing service which is categorized in 3 parts –

  1. Simple repairing
  2. Resurfacing
  3. Remodeling
  4. Repairing of Simple Cracks

Step 1

First, a chisel is inserted into the crack with the help of a hammer. The sides of the crack are removed by forming a V shape.

Step 2

The cracks are then cleaned with a wire brush. This helps remove all dust and debris. At the end, vacuuming or sweeping is done near the cracks.

Step 3

Once cleaning is over, an adhesive bonding is put inside the crack. The adhesive is properly inserted in the entire crack so that it bonds well with the existing concrete.

Step 4

The adhesive is now left to dry so that it get gelled up with the concrete.


  1. Resurfacing

Undoubtedly, the need to avail the best pool deck resurfacing is after many years, but the changes are certainly very big.

With time, an outdoor living space of pool deck does wear and tear. It could be due to loading and unloading of heavy products or exposure to the harsh climate. Here are pool deck resurfacing points that are taken into consideration by the experts –

Clean the Nearby Surface Thoroughly

Before starting with the resurfacing, the area needs to be cleaned thoroughly. This will help remove the dust, dirt, grease, molds, and other damaging elements. Moreover, it will make the job easy for the experts as they would have a clear canvas to work on, whether it’s the need to overlay or coat the adherent on the area.

Area Preparation

The furniture occupied on the surrounding area of the deck should also be removed. If there are any plants nearby, they should be covered with a newspaper or a plastic sheet. This is essential to do as it helps safeguard the possessions and plants from the sprays done during refurbishing.

Finalize the Color and Design

This needs to be done before a project is started. The expert advises property owners to choose a design that would suit the pool and the architectural style of their home. Taking recommendations from the pool deck designing experts is indeed beneficial. However, some may think to consider magazines or online photographs, but it is their mistake as good looks in the magazines may not be the same when real.

Let the Concrete Settle

Pool deck area should not be used immediately as it put all your efforts to waste. This is why experts advise staying away from the deck space for a week or so. This helps ensure that the material has settled and dried well before it is brought into use.


  1. Pool Deck Remodeling

The last service provided by the experts is remodeling of the area. Whether there is the need to revamp the outdoor living area or refurbish the area because of immensely damaged poolside space, either of the case remodeling services can be availed.

There are myriad options available in remodeling. Based on your budget and choice you can choose the style that suits you the best. To name a few styles are –

  • Use vibrant shades that match with the outdoor arena. Adding colored lanterns, a colorful wind chime, or some flowering plants can also make the place look more beautiful.
  • Adding grits or fine sand on the surface provides a decorative flair to the pool area. Moreover, repairing of such surface can also be done immediately thus saving future heavy expenses of the owner.
  • Adding creativity like a fire pit, barbecue, waterfall or fountain at the pool deck area not only enhances the looks but also make the area more functional.
  • Lastly going with concrete pool deck coating, adding flagstone or brick pavers is also another great idea of flooring. Though it is an expensive deal but requires minimal maintenance.

With the provided information above, you must have got an idea what steps do the experts take while providing the best pool deck repairs. Keeping these points in mind will help you get the most out of the services provided by the professionals. For example, if you were living in Palm Beach County, if there’s simple paint jobs that need to be done, homeowners and businesses will hire a professional painting company in Palm Beach to get it done compared to doing the work yourself.


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