Business is Boomin…Yourself?

July 8, 2016

So why do we have a picture of Steve Harvey? Because his business is boomin’ and so is a local pool deck repair company in Florida. Here’s his story:

Hi. My name is Carlos. And I’ve been remodeling pools and pool decks for over 20+ years. Read this story of what most of my customers face. And because of partnering with the right internet marketing company, my local SEO is at the top of the searches and in maps. Shoot, they even did some awesome local computer repair work for me as well. My phone is always ringing, and my pockets stay blingin’, you know what I mean? But read a little about what you as the average pool owner goes through and what my company comes in to do for you.

Imagine your backyard as it is.  Now imagine your pool in your backyard – if you don’t have one.  If you do have one, imagine the pool of your dreams in place of that magical spot. What kind of pool toys do you enjoy seeing floating in your backyard as you walk out to enjoy the weekend weather?  How big is it?  How wide is it?  How long is it?  How deep is it?  Do you have stairs leading in and out of the pool?

Are the patio sections surrounding it big enough to have a barbeque with friends?  How about a reserved space for the pool side entertainment for whatever party you may be considering hosting?  Is it small enough for a birthday party?  Is it acceptable for a reception of a major event?  Is it big enough to host a wedding?

Of course, such questions seem rather generic but a vast number of backyard pool owners just don’t bother to begin imagining the possibilities of their pool until such a major, or even life altering, event presents itself and the ideas of hosting locations becomes the topic of conversation.

It’s okay!  There is no reason to sweat the small stuff.  We have been around a very long time, and in that very long time we have had the privilege of exploring all of the many reasons that someone whom owns a home would also like to install a pool.  There are even some business owners who do not want a pool the size of something they can swim in.

May be they want the benefits of a filter system but simply want a small pond or fountain in their backyard but with the conveniences that come from owning the resources that make a pool.  For example, come cleaning time, we have heard that there are countless situations where a pool cleaning is much less expensive, with reduced invasive cleaning activity(ies) and even less frustration.  Especially after a storm, you might need to hire a tree service west palm beachTherefore, some combine the ease of cleaning with the beauty of the structure the home owner with the pool would like to have installed.

From a brand new pool in your backyard being discussed, it is important to think about the opportunity of also hiring the best pool cleaner in your neighborhood. I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that being found on the first page of Google has truly made a difference in my line of work and bringing about the means of my family to enjoy life’s little bits of happiness from day to day – all because of a pool cleaning business!

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