Why Being an Entrepreneur is Better than Your 9-5 Stupid Job

August 21, 2016

When people think about a vacation, the very first thing that crosses their minds is being on a beach, scoping out chicks in two piece swim suits or hard working, scruffy looking men with their shirts off, and struttin’ their stuff just for your pure and simple entertainment while you are relaxing and sipping on what feels like a permanent, forever cold, constant flow of iced beer.

Nothing beats the good feel of the sweat beading summer sun as we go for a dip in the ocean, just to get right back out, sit down, and begin consuming more suds than you can possibly imagine.  The perfect life, surrounded by the graces of sexiness and not an empty bottle of suds in sight.

Since your last vacation, however long ago that just may have been, you forgot that feeling of bliss and jovial freedom since you are laboring away at the daily grind and wishing you could afford that next dream cruise with your loved one(s) or the opportunity to park your derriere on to the sandy beaches of anywhere except your work space.

When was the last time you can remember having slept in without obligation, worry of being late to work, and other chaotic potentials in your day?  Whatever happened to freedom and the American dream?

I know how you feel; I was once there too.  However, after getting started with a simple but profitable business of installing pools into the ground for a client base that is more than happy and willing to pay beyond top dollar for, and I mean exclusively, the best of the best on the market, I was able to quit my job and go into the privileged line of work of blessing others with the joy of bringing the wonderful feeling of the beach to their backyard… and we can do the same for you!

After all, nothing beats the end of a work day like going into your back yard after changing into your swim suit – or not – and cracking open a cold one from the refrigerator that is just waiting to be swallowed practically whole from its container of captivity we often refer to as the beer bottle.

From pool installation companies, my very first, of all businesses I now own, has been one for the books and an honor and privilege to have experienced.  Needless to say, becoming a business owner has been one of the great blessings in my life.  After all, I was able to have a company come in and install an expensive pool and filter system in my very own backyard for free.  It may have been my own company, but it is one heck of a story to share at holiday gatherings! Some of my friends own several other companies as well, such as:

  • Marketing Companies
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Selling Digital Courses
  • New AC Units in West Palm Beach
  • Photography
  • And much more!

So, come inside and read more… I promise, the water is more than fine!


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